“With the transfers, MSC Cruises will give passengers the opportunity to embark from home and, when the cruise ends, the company will take them back home, guaranteeing even more comfort and ease for passengers who wish to sail with MSC Cruises”, according to a report by Publituris.

Porto/Lisbon/Porto; Aveiro/Lisbon/Aveiro; Coimbra/Lisbon/Coimbra; Faro/Lisbon/Faro and Albufeira/Lisbon/Albufeira are the routes covered by the transfers.

The company explains that, in the north, transfers have the starting/arrival point in the city of Porto and also have stops in Aveiro and Coimbra for boarding/disembarking passengers.

In the south, MSC Cruises transfers have the city of Faro as their starting/arrival point, in this case, with a stop in Albufeira also for embarking/disembarking passengers.

In total, MSC Cruises has, this year, 19 cruises departing and arriving in Lisbon, aboard the MSC Opera, which have stops in Alicante (Spain), Mahón (Spain), Olbia (Italy), Genoa ( Italy), Marseille (France), Málaga (Spain) and Cádiz (Spain), on an itinerary lasting 10 nights.

In addition to these 19 cruises, the company also offers two mini-cruises lasting five nights, the first of which departs from Genoa, Italy, on April 24th, while the second departs from Lisbon, on November 5th.