Following its discovery by angler Steve Clinch over the weekend, Inland Fisheries Ireland said that it is investigating the 2 kilogramme Pacu.

Irish waterways are still being protected against invasive or non-native species, according to Barry Fox, Head of Operations of IFI, who spoke with RTÉ's News at One.

According to Mr. Fox, an Inland Fisheries Ireland research team is analysing the fish to make sure it is a Pacu fish.

He clarified that the fish is a vegetarian and that it uses its big mouth to eat plants, nuts, and aquatic development.

Inland Fisheries Ireland believes the Pacu, a relative of the Purana, may have been housed in an aquarium before outgrowing its space.

Additionally, the crew assessed the lake's fish population and discovered that no new fish had been discovered there as of yet.

“The discovery of non-native species occurs occasionally but is growing,” he said.

He continued by saying that certain non-native species have the potential to spread and affect local fish populations and plant life, which might have a negative effect on biodiversity.