Workers at CP - Comboios de Portugal who belong to Oriente station are on strike today and Friday due to worsening working conditions.

“Adherence to the strike is 100%. The 33 ticket office, management and customer support workers joined the strike. Workers are protesting against the lack of resolution to problems and the worsening of working conditions, which at this station have reached an unacceptable limit”, said Abílio Carvalho, from Fectrans, stressing that the strike is not affecting train circulation.

According to the union leader, the problems have been dragging on.

“There are many problems that affect workers, including electricity failures, infiltrations and water in ticket offices and above counters and computer equipment and malfunctions in automatic payment terminals and intercoms”, he listed.

Abílio Carvalho also highlighted problems in the workers' changing rooms, which are also used as storage for CP's archives, while the air conditioning units are broken and not maintained.

“The customer support office is in no condition, it is dilapidated and has constant nauseating smells, and the walls need painting and deep cleaning,” he said.

Workers also complain about the conditions of the place where they eat their meals, “often overcrowded and unfit for all the workers who need to eat their meals”.

“They also ask for some parking spaces for workers, particularly when traveling at certain times and monitors inside the ticket offices with information on train lines and delays,” he said.

According to FECTRANS, the administration “of CP justifies not resolving the problems with the works planned at the station for High Speed, which could be by the year 2030”.

Workers say they are “tired of promises and want to see the problems resolved immediately”.