According to the president of Lagoa council: “I authorised a new attempt to be made on March 11, 12 to refloat the [sailboat] Thor, which is the case that causes the most concern due to its larger size,” said Luís Encarnação, regretting that attempts to remove it have so far failed.

The remaining two smaller sailboats that are immobilised on the beach should also be refloated soon: the Lady Stray (Swedish flag) washed ashore in October and the Ran (Polish) ran aground on the same day as Thor, on January 17th.

The three boats have been a tourist attraction, especially at weekends, when many people go to the beach in the Faro district to see and take photographs next to the sailboats stranded on the sand.

One of the sailboats, the Lady Stray, was abandoned by its owners, who had not paid the insurance and will be removed at the expense of the local authority.

As for Thor and Ran, the owners are handling their removal, he added.

Until now, people have mainly been curious, but, with the Easter holidays approaching and the start of the busy season, the situation needs to be resolved, highlighted Luís Encarnação.

The captain of the port of Portimão, Luís Pousadas Godinho, told Lusa that the authorities will continue to guarantee the safety conditions inherent to the resolution of cases, being responsible for removing the vessels from their owners.

The dates chosen to remove Thor, between March 11th and 12th, have to do with the next spring tide, a high tide that coincides with a new moon or full moon, which will help in the work to remove the vessel.

The work to remove the vessels has been coordinated with the Port Authority of Portimão.