February in the Algarve is, most of the time, known for quieter times and subsequently lower revenues. However, this year things seem to be looking much brighter tourism-wise in Lagos, with food and tourist establishments facing a positive period, especially considering that we are still in the low season.

Most tourists visiting Lagos during the winter season are foreigners from France, England and Germany. Rosa, owner of Coffee and Food in the Marina of Lagos, told The Portugal News that things are looking “really good”, with a high number of both “residents and tourists” visiting her establishment every day. Regarding her perspectives for the summer she said that she has “high expectations, as everything is going wonderfully.”

Many agree that the boat tours and water activities are major factors that help to keep Lagos alive and a great destination to visit during the winter months. Dalila Pedro, who works at the Seafaris, a boat tour company in Lagos, told The Portugal News that summer 2024 will bring “lots of tourists” to experience the best that the Algarve has to offer. As she emphasised, this February “we have had more movement in comparison with the last years, which is a great indication.”

As Ana Maria, from the Pastelaria Algarve suggested, the campervan tourists also play a big role in the movement seen in the city of Lagos throughout the month of February, which according to her, has contributed to the “increase of number of tourists stopping by” at her pastry shop. For the rest of the year, Ana’s opinion is that from March onwards things are going to look even better as the spring season begins.

Nonetheless, even if the “perspectives are always positive”, as stated by António Martins, proprietor of Amuras Bar, there are always highs and lows in the tourism industry.

“The sun is our best product, the best thing we sell, which is free”, he revealed adding that “there’s definitely a different affluence of clients on sunny days, and that’s what gives us revenue.”

Luckily, the Algarve is known for having more than 300 sunny days on average a year, which is great news for those planning to visit the Algarve, in any of the seasons.


After studying Journalism for five years in the UK and Malta, Sara Durães moved back to Portugal to pursue her passion for writing and connecting with people. A ‘wanderluster’, Sara loves the beach, long walks, and sports. 

Sara J. Durães