Quinta dos Vales, renowned for its commitment to holistic well-being, is delighted to announce its upcoming Health Market and Wine Yoga event, scheduled to take place on March 17, 2024.

This unique event is designed to celebrate health, wellness, and the rejuvenating power of nature in the serene surroundings of Quinta dos Vales.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a vibrant health market featuring an array of wellness products, organic foods, and holistic services from local artisans and wellness practitioners.

In addition to the health market, guests can partake in the innovative and indulgent experience of Wine Yoga led by the esteemed instructor, Barbara Bachmann.

Wine Yoga is a fusion of yoga and wine tasting, combining the mindfulness of yoga with the sensory pleasure of wine appreciation.

Participants will immerse themselves in a series of gentle yoga poses while savoring the exquisite flavors of Quinta dos Vales' finest wines, fostering a deeper connection to body, mind, and spirit.

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And then there is the mind; we invited a series of key note speakers for some interesting lectures during the day.

Dr. JP Marcoux will likely delve into the neurological and physiological variances between left-handed and right-handed individuals, which can offer insights into brain function and development. Dr. Ginny Chamorro's talk on hormonal balance is crucial given the significant impact hormones have on overall health, mood, and well-being. Finally, Ineke van der Poel's discussion on releasing body stress could provide valuable techniques and strategies for managing and alleviating physical tension, which is often linked to various health issues. Attendees are likely to gain a comprehensive understanding of these topics and practical tools for improving their health and well-being.

As a testament to Quinta dos Vales' dedication to innovation and inclusivity, attendees will have the option to pay with Bitcoin, embracing the growing trend of digital currency in the wellness industry.

Whether you're seeking relaxation, inspiration, or simply a day of indulgence, the Health Market and Wine Yoga event at Quinta dos Vales promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Event Details:

Date: March 17, 2024

Time: 10:00-17:00

Location: Quinta dos Vales, Estombar, Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal

Payment: Bitcoin email: info@lovitall.pt and traditional payment methods accepted, book your tickets now for 15 euro and save 2,50 at the door.

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Join us as we embark on a journey of wellness, mindfulness, and joy at Quinta dos Vales' Health Market and Wine Yoga event. We look forward to welcoming you!

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About Quinta dos Vales:

Quinta dos Vales is a picturesque estate nestled in the heart of Algarve, Portugal, renowned for its award-winning wines, stunning landscapes, and commitment to holistic wellness. From vineyards and wine tastings to wellness retreats and cultural events, Quinta dos Vales offers a diverse range of experiences that inspire, rejuvenate, and delight the senses.