These exhibitions will take place until 2025 at various cultural locations in Cascais, which will include concerts, theatre shows, conferences and workshops for a variety of audiences, announced the president of the Fundação D. Luís, Salvato Teles de Menezes, on February 28.

“It was impossible to break down the whole program into a single year, there was no time or space available. These exhibitions, some of them major cultural events, will have a long duration, so that the public can enjoy them as much as possible”, commented the person responsible for the entity that manages the cultural locations in Cascais.

As part of the 50th anniversary of the revolution, an exhibition will be inaugurated on April 18, at Casa das Histórias, which evokes the first solo show by painter Paula Rego (1935-2022), almost 60 years ago, in a time of “repression and violence” with 70 works challenging dictatorship and critical of the post-revolutionary period.

This event will feature symbolic works by the artist, such as “Salazar a vomitar a Pátria” (1960), which also covers the April 25 Revolution, the post-revolutionary period and the role of women in the fight for democracy and their rights.

To “take advantage of the synergies crated through the Bairro dos Museus concept”, which brings together 17 cultural facilities in Cacais, an “integrated program was created in collaboration with schools and the Associação 25 de Abril”, highlighted Telles de Menezes.

“The official program, starts on March 5, with the inauguration of two sculptures alluding to the main meetings of the conspiracy (for the 1974 revolution) held in Cacais, where a significant number of rebellious military personnel was present”, he indicated.

On March 5, the inauguration of two light garlands will also occur, referencing each conspiratorial meeting, one taking place in the studio of architect Braula Reis, on Rua Visconde Luz, and the other in Estoril, with the presence of official entities.

A virtual exhibition is scheduled for September, as part of the work of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area culture group which alludes to the 50th anniversary of the revolution, in an initiative common to the 18 municipalities, and “Cacais will present the theme of the April 25 Revolution linked to literature”.

In 2025, “a large exhibition will be held, organised with the Museu do Neorealismo, in Vila Franca de Xira, to be presented in the exposition space of the Palácio da Presidência in Cascais”.

David Santos, the director of the Museu do Neorealismo, who will be the co-curator, with Jorge Calado, revealed the exhibition will be “a collective of the museum’s expositions, with works b artists linked to Portuguese neorealism”, in the specialities of painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

The Museu da Música Portuguesa – Casa Verdades de Faria, in Estoril, will highlight the pieces from the collection of Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906-1994) and Michel Giacometti (1929-1990), addressing the revolution in different themes.

In addition to the museum program, organised by the Departamento de Museus e Promoção Cultural, and the Departamento de Arquivo de Arquivos, Bibliotecas e Patrimónico Histórico there will also be events in locations such as the Arquivo Histórico Municipal de Cascais – Casa Sommer and at municipal libraries.

“A cycle of “Conferências sobre Liberdade(s)” is also scheduled for adults, and events for children include theatre presentations, staged readings, plastic and dramatic expression workshops and bibliographic exhibitions.

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