“If Chega comes into government on the 10th, during the first 30 days we will launch a commission to abolish tolls throughout the national territory, a commission that will lay the foundations for the abolition of tolls throughout the territory”, stated the leader of Chega.

Speaking at a lunch/rally in Macedo de Cavaleiros, in the district of Bragança, André Ventura also said that “a first step that must be taken immediately is that tolls in the interior and Via do Infante must be abolished immediately”.

“We don’t believe that the PS will ever put an end to tolls”, he highlighted, noting that the current resigned prime minister, António Costa, “promised to abolish tolls on Via do Infante”, but did not do so, and that the secretary- PS general “voted against Chega’s proposal to abolish tolls”.

And he guaranteed that Chega would “even put an end to tolls in Portugal because they are a profound injustice”.

André Ventura maintained that the "very significant reduction" in tolls in the interior and on Via do Infante "would cost the State between 105 and 115 million euros" and contrasted this with the slippage in the Lisbon Metro works, saying it amounted to " 100 million euros", and argued that the problem "is not having less money", it is that management is carried out "by a bunch of incompetents".

The president of Chega took advantage of his presence in a border district to set an example for Spain and argued that “if countries with much greater extension and size can do it”, Portugal will also be able to do it.

PS and PSD even say they can use tolls to finance Social Security. There are always good reasons to keep this as it is, they don't want to lose the money that tolls give because they know they have become addicted to that money and they don't want to lose it in any way”, he accused.