Finnair began weighing participants' bags and themselves prior to departures earlier this month.

In order to calculate the weight of the aircraft for safety and the quantity of fuel required for flights, an attempt is being made to ascertain the average weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage.

To make fun of the airline, O'Leary quips that it would be "utterly pointless" for Ryanair to implement such a step.

"I think Finnair probably have so few passengers they probably have to weigh them," the Ryanair boss said.

"I'd say Finnair, whose load factor is about 65%, probably needs to kind of position passengers around the aircraft for weight balance reasons.”

"In Ryanair, I'm happy to say our load factor is about 95%."

The CEO jokingly finished saying: "It is well known that all Ryanair passengers are slim and trim because they've to carry bags all the way down to the gate.

"So not alone are we the lowest cost airline, we're the airline with the fittest passengers.

"They also have to walk further than any other passenger at Dublin Airport."