In a note sent to the Lusa agency, the municipality highlights that this is an event “for the promotion and commercialisation of Queijo Serra da Estrela DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), “one of the wonders of Portuguese gastronomy”, and other products from Serra da Estrela.

The initiative takes place in the Municipal Market of the city.

The municipality states that for two days “shepherds, producers and dairies of Queijo Serra da Estrela will gather in an event where there will be no shortage of gastronomy, lots of flavour and entertainment”.

The objective is to “value and bring together the entire production chain of this endogenous product, of primary relevance for the municipality of Gouveia”.

The Market will have spaces for tasting and selling cheese, open to the participation of all producers of Serra da Estrela Cheese and other endogenous products.

Registration for participation in the competition is open until March 11th.