Based on a recent survey by Indeed, the job site, Poland had the highest percentage of remote ads more than 21%.

Ireland's participation percentage has decreased from its highest point of 18.4% during the Covid-19 epidemic in April 2021.

The percentage of remote or hybrid job posts in the US has also somewhat decreased, falling from 9.8% at the start of 2022 to 8.6% at the end of January.

In most nations, including Ireland, the percentage of searches for remote or hybrid employment is at or close to historically high levels, indicating persistent demand from job seekers.

Out of all employment categories, software development, IT operations, and mathematics have the largest percentage of Irish job listings that offer remote or hybrid work.

"While some employers have found remote or hybrid working an effective way to offer more flexibility to staff without compromising output, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the organisational and managerial challenges it creates," Jack Kennedy, senior economist at Indeed.

"In a tight labour market, however, many employers believe that it can help attract the right talent for the right roles in industries and job categories where it is possible to offer it," Mr. Kennedy stated.