Amareleja, in the district of Beja, is a parish well-known for its scorching summer temperatures. The upcoming infrastructure which will be located next to the Amareleja School Group, will function as a convertible semi-Olympic swimming pool, in line with the International Swimming Federation's guidelines. As Álvaro Azedo, president of the municipality of Moura told Lusa “The hottest land in the country also has a population that we want to make happy.”

As a result of the pool’s location close to the town centre, it will also enable "the older community to take advantage of the offer” as they will be able to practice water aerobics and other water activities. Besides, the focus of the swimming pool will also be on children and school kids, in order for them to “have physical activity in the pool during the school year”, the mayor has emphasised.

Regarding the pool’s structure, its convertibility allows for both summer and winter use of the facilities. The project, which was recently presented to Amareleja’s population, is in the process of finding financing. As Álvaro Azedo stated, “we have a habit of discussing projects with communities, listening to people who want to discuss the project with us, and taking steps forward because our projects are not meant to be left in a drawer.”