Binance (BNB): Integration With the Blast Network

Binance (BNB) has been making headlines recently. Most notably, Binance announced that its Web3 Wallet has now integrated with the Blast Network. At the moment, anyone may use the wallet to access many dApps or transfer tokens to and from the network.

This Binance news may trigger a rally for this crypto. This top 5 cryptocurrency has seen a value jump from $300 to $419 in the past 30 days alone. During that time, the Binance coin market cap surged from $44.92B to $62.70B.

Sentiment for this crypto is also bullish, as Binance has experienced 20/30 (67%) green trading days. Additionally, 28 technical indicators are flashing green at the moment. Due to all these reasons, experts in the crypto field predict that Binance will reach a value of $547 within Q2 of 2024.

Pullix (PLX): The Top Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Meanwhile, Pullix (PLX) is a cryptocurrency that is starting to create quite a buzz in the market. Not only are seasoned investors showing interest, but beginners are, too. Major platforms like Uniswap have already listed this crypto; there’s even an upcoming listing on Bitmart (March 7). By doing this, any beginner can trade this beginner cryptocurrency without confusion.

Additionally, Pullix will lock liquidity on Uniswap for 24 months. This is a significant development as it shows the team’s confidence in this project. Essentially, Pullix will redefine online trading by combining CEX and DEX features. Unlike Binance, which focuses only on cryptos, Pullix will allow the trade of all asset classes (including cryptos) on one account and deep liquidity.

Another critical difference between Binance and Pullix is its unique “Trade-to-Earn” revenue-sharing model. In other words, PLX stakers will receive a portion of daily revenue and have a nice passive income stream. Moreover, a burn feature that increases the PLX scarcity will also be implemented. As we all know, more scarcity means more value pumps.

The PLX price has already provided early buyers with a 250% ROI as its value soared from $0.04 to $0.14 during its presale. However, Pullix announced it would launch with a price of $0.168 - a 320% price pump from its starting price. As it also taps into the $40T OTC derivatives market, experts forecast another 100x surge in Q2 of 2024.

What Gives Pullix the Upper Hand Over Binance?

Pullix has outplayed Binance as it will have a low market cap of $33.6M when it launches, and this is a good thing. In other words, PLX will need fewer new funds for its price to skyrocket. This makes it a contender for one of the best crypto investments you can make today.

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