Lisbon: Much cooler weather and showers are forecast over the weekend in the capital. Highs of 13 degrees and lows of 8 degrees on Saturday. From Monday, temperatures will reach 15 degrees and the rain is set to clear with sunny spells and intermittent cloud coverage to be expected. From Wednesday temperatures will slowly rise up to 17 degrees.

The north: Rain is to be expected in the north with a chance of some sunny periods over the weekend. Temperatures are to peak at highs of 13 degrees on Sunday with lows of 6 degrees. The wet weather is to continue until Wednesday when temperatures are predicted to hit highs of 17 degrees whilst nightly lows are to remain cold at 5 degrees.

The centre: Showers are set to continue going into the weekend with Saturday reaching rather cold highs of 7 degrees and nightly lows of 5 degrees. Sunday brings intermittent sunny spells amidst the rain with nightly lows increasing to 10 degrees. Light showers are set to persist on Monday however the skies will clear up by Tuesday as it promises sunny spells and highs of 14 degrees.

The south: Light showers are expected on Saturday following Friday's rain forecast. These are to ease by Sunday which brings highs of 17 degrees and lows of 10 degrees. No rain on the horizon going into the week where consistent spring-like highs of 18 degrees are forecast until light showers make themselves known again on Wednesday.

Madeira: Over a 50% chance of rain on Saturday with warm highs of 23 degrees and nightly lows of 17 degrees. The rain is set to clear up from Sunday all the way until Wednesday, however, temperatures will remain consistently lower going into the week, with Tuesday bringing highs of 20 degrees and a nightly low of 14 degrees.

The Azores: Sunny spells and partially cloudy skies for Ponte Delgada over the weekend. Temperatures will peak at 17 degrees on Saturday with nightly lows of 13 degrees. Rain is to be expected going into the new week and will remain consistent throughout the week, however, daytime temperatures will remain the same as over the weekend with the exception being nights at 15 degrees.