Among other things, the update attempts to modify housing options to cover all eligible households, an amendment which received a majority vote despite opposition from BE and CDU. Besides, possible changes may have to be implemented in regards to the number of housing solutions originally intended by external entities.

The municipality states that Santa Casa da Misericórdia wants to promote 50 dwellings, which will alter the investment to €5 million. The Social Institute of the Armed Forces made a request to be included as a beneficiary of the €4.2 million plan to support the construction of 60 dwellings. Deputy Elisabete Carvalho of BE, which was against the amendment, called the modification "a lost opportunity," asking for an urgent review of the document in order to present "more current data.”

Rui Moreira, the chamber president, responded to the BE and CDU deputies by saying that building housing is the only way to solve this problem, accusing the BE of "not wanting it to be done to get votes.” Rui Moreira added saying that, "I hope that the next Government will look at housing with fewer cards", emphasising that the municipality still plans to build 1,610 additional homes in the city despite "a set of constraints."

In order to provide housing options for 1,740 households, Porto's Local Housing Strategy was authorised in 2019 and a €56.2 million deal was made in November 2020 between the municipality and the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU). Besides that, Porto Vivo SRU municipal company also signed a €33.9 million agreement with the IHRU in April 2022, in order to encourage housing solutions for 185 households.