“We are going to celebrate Serra da Estrela Cheese, the shepherds, the cheesemakers and all the endogenous products that exist in the municipality”, the president of the Municipal Council of Fornos de Algodres, Manuel Fonseca, told Lusa agency.

For the mayor, the event is a way of promoting local products, but also of valuing those who live and work in interior areas.

“They continue to work here and build their life project. The City Council also has the responsibility of publicising what is good in the municipality”.

At the weekend's Cheese Fair, ten producers from the municipality will participate. The mayor explained that there are still other dairy producers who sell milk to factories in the region, but that “the number of sheep has decreased in recent years”.

The 45th edition of the Cheese Fair in Fornos de Algodres will be sponsored by chef Chakall. The mayor said he believes that the chef, present in other editions, will give an “important dynamic” to the event.

Manuel Fonseca explained that Chakall will promote cheese and other products from the municipality such as sausages and honey.

“As he says, the products are so good that they don’t need much processing to make them into delicious dishes.”