How many seats each party will have?

The Portuguese elections follow the D’Hondt Method, meaning that the country is divided into districts, and each district elects a certain number of deputies, depending on the number of votes the parties have. After the counting of votes, it is possible to understand how many deputies each party has and how many seats they will have in the Assembly of the Republic.

It is important to note that after the election, coalition parties will spread, meaning that, in the 2024 case, AD (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM) no longer exists, and the elected deputies of the list will represent their parties. This means, that PSD has elected 78 deputies, CDS-PP elected two deputies, and PPM did not elect any deputy. AD deputies were elected in mainland Portugal and the Azores only, as in the Madeira archipelago there was a different coalition between PSD and CDS-PP, which elected three PSD deputies. Emigrants elected one deputy from AD, namely from PSD.

PS has elected 78 deputies, having elected a deputy in the Europe election circle. With 28 percent of the votes, PS will be the leader of the left-wing opposition to the PSD government. Along with four deputies of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), four deputies of Livre, five deputies of Bloco de Esquerda, and a single deputy from PAN.

When it comes to the right-wing, besides the victory of PSD, IL maintained its number of deputies, occupying eight seats in the Assembly of the Republic. On the other hand, the far-right wing party, Chega, has elected two more deputies after the counting of the emigrants’ votes, being able to seat in the Parliament 50 deputies.

The emigrants’ votes

Around 333,000 emigrants voted in the Portuguese elections, giving each party the chance to elect two deputies on the two election circles (Europe and Out of Europe).

Chega was the party that won among the Portuguese communities living abroad, totalling 61.039 votes, and electing two deputies.

In Europe, Chega won in countries like Switzerland and Luxembourg. Also in Europe, PS elected one deputy, having won in most of the countries of the European continent, however, had 38 thousand votes, which was not enough to beat the more than 42 thousand votes of Chega.

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Outside of Europe, the results were a bit different. AD won in the election circle, electing one deputy. Chega reached second place, having won in Brazil. AD won in all the other countries with Portuguese emigrants who lived out of the European continent.

How many voted?

During the Portuguese elections, the abstention values have always been high, gradually increasing over the years, however, the 2024 election had the lowest abstention value registered since 1995.

In Portugal, 10,818,226 people are eligible to vote, spread through 3092 parishes and 24 consulates. In 2024, 59.84 percent of the people voted, representing 40.16 percent of abstention.

What’s next?

Portuguese voted hoping to see their ideals represented in the Parliament for the next four years. Nevertheless, the parties are already preparing for the elections to the European Parliament, which will happen on 9 June.


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