In January 2022, 4.46 euros were enough to buy a 75 cl bottle of extra virgin olive oil, but now 11 euros is no longer enough.

"The war in Ukraine caused the prices of some foods to soar. After the start of the conflict, on February 24, 2022, products such as cooking oil saw their prices rise quickly and sharply. As the year progressed, while the price of cooking oil followed a downward trend, the price of extra virgin olive oil also began to rise. In January 2022, a 75 cl bottle of olive oil cost 4.46 euros, but two years later, to buy the same bottle of olive oil you have to spend 11.46 euros (157% more)", explains the consumer protection organisation.

In turn, cooking oil, "which soon after the start of the war saw its price soar, in March 2024 was 5% cheaper compared to the first week of 2022", and "a one litre bottle now costs, 2.19 euros, but it cost 3.87 euros, on March 30, 2022".

According to data from DECO PROteste, "the entry into force of the VAT exemption on the food basket, in April 2023, helped to stop an even greater rise in the price of olive oil", but "from September 2023, the price of this product is back on the rise".

"On February 7th of this year it reached the highest price since DECO PROteste began monitoring the price of this product: 11.91 euros. On March 20th it dropped slightly, to 11.46 euros".