McDonalds is recruiting for restaurants in the Algarve region and is looking for candidates who want to develop their talent and grow in the job market. The brand promotes the appreciation and development of people.

“Over more than 30 years, McDonalds has trained leaders who have grown with the brand in all aspects, providing true career opportunities: more than 90% of McDonalds managers began their careers as employees in restaurants and around 50% of employees from McDonalds Headquarters in Portugal started their career in restaurants”, says the company in a statement.

Currently, these professionals “occupy prominent positions in various areas of the company, both in Portugal and internationally. McDonalds innovates in its commitment to the continuous and dedicated development of future leaders.”

The restaurant teams are made up of a great diversity of people, with different personal and professional experiences, who, together, reinforce complementarity at McDonalds. For example, the inclusion of employees with special needs in restaurants, which is part of McDonalds social responsibility policy, at a global level, is a reflection of the value of inclusion by which the brand is governed.

McDonalds Portugal currently employs more than 10,000 people across the country, in 200 restaurants distributed from North to South of the country and islands.

In the Algarve region, the brand intends to recruit more than 200 new employees, strengthening the restaurant teams. Opportunities are open to different roles depending on the restaurant. Among them: employee, public relations, management assistant, marketing assistant, maintenance assistant or administrative assistant, assistant manager and restaurant manager.