“All editions are special for us and in all editions we have managed to reinvent the festival, so that it is not a static festival, and the village grows with the festival, the festival grows with the village, and this allows innovations and new features are added to each edition”, Miguel Atalaia, artistic director of Bons Sons, told Lusa, an event that this year marks 12 editions and 18 years of the festival, adding, in this edition, to the motto "Come live the village" the motto "Living diversity".

With 47 Portuguese bands performing over four days in the village of Cem Soldos, in the district of Santarém, in a program featuring names such as Gisela João, Valete, Club Macumba, The Legendary Tigerman, and Ana Lua Caiano, the festival represents an investment in the order of 700,000 euros.

The event returns after a year of interruption due to urban requalification works in Largo do Rossio, the area usually occupied by the festival, which appears completely renovated in this edition.

“This year we have great news, which is the fact that we are working on new premises, redeveloped by Tomar City Council, a very old desire and a project that was born within the community”, said Miguel Atalaia, noting that the event “always serves to transmit a message, in addition to the bands that come to the festival, and that reflects an “energy specific to the Portuguese music projects that are now active”.

Thus, in addition to this year's “living the village in a renovated square”, and “maintaining the idea of volunteering and a village that mobilizes to build the festival”, it will also be an opportunity to “celebrate the diversity that characterizes the people who make up this (and other) communities”, he stated.

The Bons Sons program “is already very diverse by nature, but we want to advance this reflection on what constitutes the identity of communities and their inherent diversity”, he noted.

“A more capable community is not a place where people are all the same, nor where people think in just one way, and, at Cem Soldos, we value difference and the opportunity that being different brings. In August, we experienced diversity, we experienced the village, not forgetting the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, which represents this idea so well because freedom is also diversity", he stressed.

With the motto "Come live the village", around 700 inhabitants organize and set up the festival, throughout which they welcome and serve visitors, in a “share that distinguishes Bons Sons from other Portuguese festivals”, highlighting the person responsible, with a lineup that includes 47 national musical projects, “some with more emerging projects, others more established”, which feature “different areas, geographies, and musical genres”.

Cláudia Pascoal, Gisela João, Silk Nobre, Teresa Salgueiro, Valete, Rafael Toral, Club Macumba, The Legendary Tigerman, Adiafa and Ana Lua Caiano, along with DJs and dance shows, are among the 47 names announced for the music festival Good Sounds.

Organized since 2006 by the Sport Clube Operário de Cem Soldos (SCOCS), Bons Sons remained biennial until 2014 and then began to be held annually, “maintaining an exclusive program of Portuguese music, completely acculturated and diverse, as is our habit”, highlighted the artistic director of the event.

The village of Cem Soldos is closed and its perimeter delimits the enclosure that hosts 9 stages integrated into the streets, squares, squares, auditorium, church, and even garages and mills.