According to the Navy, there are 28 vacancies available, most of them in the Engineering area.

Listed below are the job opportunities based on qualifications:

Master's/Degree in Naval Engineering/ Naval and Industrial Engineering/ Naval and Oceanic Engineering (three places);

Master's/Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering (three places);

Master's/Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (three places);

Master's/Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technicians (three places);

Integrated Master in Architecture (two places);

Master's/Degree in Civil Engineering (two places);

Bachelor's/Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management (two places);

Master's/Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (two places);

Master's/Bachelor's degree in Chemistry (two places);

Master's/Degree in Environmental Sciences/Environmental Engineering (one place);

Master's/Degree in Applied Statistics/ Statistics and Operational Research (one place);

Master's degree in Geospatial Engineering or Geographic Engineering (one vacancy);

Master's/Bachelor's degree in Physics (one place):

Degree in Geophysics / Geophysical Sciences (one place);

Master's degree in Meteorology or Oceanography (one place).

However, "there are still substitute vacancies in many more areas", highlighted the Navy.

To apply, you must "have Portuguese nationality and be 27 years old or younger", in addition to completing "classification and selection tests".

The Navy offers "accommodation and food, access to primary and differentiated healthcare, as well as access to spaces and equipment for practicing sports".

"During the Basic Officer Training Course (5 weeks), the salary is around €821" and, after the course, candidates enter the career "as an Aspiring Officer and in this post, which is the first year, the salary will be around €1,321 per month, including military condition supplement.”

"The subsequent salary, already at the rank of Warrant Officer, will be in the order of €1,889 per month, including military condition supplement".