Featuring Whistleblower Software ApS and Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão, Law Firm

April 22 at 10:00 AM

In a world where transparency and integrity are becoming increasingly essential for business success, it is imperative that organizations are prepared to implement effective corruption prevention practices. With the introduction of the General Regime for Corruption Prevention (GRCP) and the General Regime for the Protection of Whistleblowers (GRPW), new responsibilities and challenges arise.

What is the GRCP? And what is a Whistleblower Channel (GRPW)? These are just some of the questions many companies are asking. Understanding these regimes and how they will impact your organization is crucial.

Is your company prepared? Find out with us in our next webinar, where experts in the field will reveal all the essential aspects of these regimes and how you can ensure that your company is compliant.

Webinar Agenda (Duration: 1h)

10:00 AM | Welcome

Rui Almeida

10:05 AM | Introduction and Welcome

Patrick Pitta Simões - A look into whistleblowing: origins and importance.

10:20 AM | Legal Context

Cecília Meireles - Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão, Lawyers - Navigating through legal requirements: How your company can comply with the legislation and avoid sanctions.

10:35 AM | Practical Context

Francisca Costa - Whistleblower Software by Formalize - Understanding the Whistleblower Channel: A practical demonstration of the tool and its benefits.

10:50-11:00 AM | Closing and Q&A

An opportunity to clarify doubts and better understand how these new requirements apply to your business.

This webinar is essential for business leaders, compliance professionals, HR, and anyone who wishes to better understand corruption prevention and how to implement an effective Whistleblowing Channel. Don't miss the chance to align your company with the new standards and protect its future.

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Please take in consideration the event will be conducted in Portuguese.