The day begins at Castelo de Alferce in Serra de Monchique on 14th April from 10am until 3:45pm, with an introduction to the benefits of journaling, followed by a short walk among the trees connecting to nature for inspiration, taking in the views to the Odelouca and the coast in peace and quiet, to sit and write freely with prompts to support you. Lunch is provided, in the trees, in the comfort of Suzanne's home with locally sourced produce. The afternoon allows time and space for reflection and gratitude journalling. Finishing the day with a tea sharing and ways to take the practice forward.

No writing or journaling experience is necessary.

Time spent in nature can relax and calm the mind, journalling helps gain clarity of thought and inspire creativity.

"Journaling can help promote acceptance, and mindful acceptance in particular, which is a valuable and effective way of getting unstuck, freeing ourselves to move forward". (Forsyth & Elfert, 2016)

The benefits of Journaling in nature include:

  • Improving sleep
  • Creativity
  • Preventing rumination and over thinking.
  • Help manage stress
  • Support an overall sense of well-being.

Using prompts and writing freely a few times a week for as little as 10/15 minutes can help manage stress, and unblock areas of our lives where we feel stuck, journaling techniques are offered during the day to help clear the mind, and release creativity.

There are many reasons why journaling is helpful, it can help make sense of problems and bring awareness to the present moment, and help you move forwards if feeling stuck. It clears the mind from overthinking and puts into order the messy, jumbled thoughts that can whir around the head. It can release and free up space inside and out and help you prioritise by joining dots, making connections, creating lists or simply allowing the words to flow onto the page. It might be something you enjoy, documenting moments, thoughts, feelings without judgement or pressure.

Suzanne says, "Journaling can bring a sense of gratitude into your day with compassion for yourself. It provides a pathway to the joy of words, and through a connection to nature we invite awe, wonder, beauty and meaning into our life. The day is about connecting to nature, the art of journalling, and connecting to self in a joyful way."

Suzanne is a certified Forest Bathing Guide and Nature Therapy and Communication Coach, she has a background in the expressive arts and media, writing globally for print and digital media on nature and well-being as well as presenting the spoken word as an award-winning talk radio presenter on Dubai Eye 103.8. She now resides in the Algarvian hills offering forest bathing walks and guide training, wellbeing workshops and nature immersion days.

For more information and to reserve a place contact Suzanne Radford:

M. (+351) 927 719 010