Sarah Campbell has recently moved to Portugal. Prior to that, she was practicing as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Ireland. With 10 years’ experience, she has carried out physiotherapy and Pilates assessments of patients with diverse presentations and complex physical musculoskeletal conditions. These include acute and chronic pain in the back, neck, and peripheral joints. She delivers a high standard of individualised treatments and exercise programmes including advice and education in pain management and exercise therapy.

SC Movement Clinic understands the needs of their clients, helping them to recover from injury and strengthen their bodies in order to better achieve their goals. They address the initial pain or injury and support patients with a continuous plan to prevent the injury or pain from recurring. SC Movement Clinic’s services include: Individualised rehabilitation programmes, Pain Management Advice, Physical Therapy, Radial shockwave, Dry Needling, Sports massage, Reformer Pilates, Joint Mobilisation, Pre-and Postnatal physical therapy as well as Reformer Pilates.

Within SC Movement Clinic treatments include trigger point release, soft tissue massage, dry needling, joint mobilisations, taping, and electrotherapy such as ultrasound and radial shockwave therapy. Conditions treated include pain from arthritis, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries to the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, arm, leg, hip, groin, knee, ankle, heel, sports injuries, and headaches.

Popular Treatment

One of the most popular treatments at the SC Movement Clinic is Radial Shockwave Therapy which uses a device to send acoustic waves of high-energy pulses into an injury-affected area on a person’s body. This treatment is used to treat multiple common conditions such as soft tissue injuries, Planter fasciitis (heel pain), Heel spurs, Achilles tendinopathy (tendon issues), Patellar tendinopathy (knee tendon issues), Tennis and Golfer's elbow, Biceps tendinopathy, Shoulder tendon issues and Trochanteric bursitis.

Physical Therapy

We provide a fully comprehensive assessment of your injury and an individualized rehabilitation programme. Our aim is to help you to move freely without pain thus allowing you to return to doing what you love. Treatments include: Joint Manipulation, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Therapy, Soft tissue massage and an Individualised Exercise programme to strengthen the affected areas and retrain more effective movement patterns.


Here at SC Movement Clinic, we offer Mat or Reformer Pilates. Suitable for all levels. Everyone can benefit from Pilates, whether you have shoulder pain, low back pain, sports injuries, postural issues, or any other musculoskeletal conditions. Clinical Pilates is a tailored and individualised form of rehabilitation exercises. It is used to rehab musculoskeletal injuries and to help improve health and fitness levels.

Practising Pilates has a number of health benefits such as: improving posture and balance, increasing core stability and full body strength, correcting muscle and joint imbalances, Rehabilitation sporting injuries, Pain management as well as being optimal for your Health and well-being.

For more information, please visit or alternatively, you can contact Sarah Campbell by calling (+351) 915 466 511 or emailing