Atlantis was a divine experiment on a landmass in the Atlantis ocean that lasted for a cosmic era of 260,000 years. During this time the civilisations were destroyed five times before the continent was finally submerged by flood.

At the beginning of the final experiment, there was a halcyon period of 1,500 years when the spiritual level of the planet was the highest it had ever been. This was known as the Golden Era.

The fifth dimensional Golden Era of Atlantis arose on a third dimensional planet. Our Golden Future will be created by fifth dimensional people supported by a fifth dimensional planet. We will create a civilisation even more awesome than that of Golden Atlantis.

The Fifth and Final Experiment

A clarion call went out to the Universes for volunteers, who had never been to Earth before to participate in the final experiment of Atlantis.

Those who were accepted all vibrated at the upper levels of the fifth dimension. These new settlers glowed with light and happiness, for they were overjoyed to incarnate on Earth to see if they could maintain their divine connection while living in a physical body. They felt privileged to be able to touch, taste, hear, smell, and see, and truly appreciated being able to touch a hand, enjoy the taste and texture of food, smell the perfume of flowers, and see the beauty of nature. They were so delighted with this opportunity that they would enjoy creating or fashioning objects that they needed rather than using their powers of manifestation to produce them. This was a time of pure simplicity.

And yet these Atlanteans had enormous spiritual and psychic gifts. Everyone was clairvoyant and they could all see auras, so there were no secrets, only total honesty! People had little need for language as they all used telepathy to communicate with their families and friends. If a mother wanted to see where her children were, she would send a telepathic message and in response would receive a video from them directly into her third eye showing her what they were doing! Telekinesis, the ability to dematerialise an object external to yourself and re-materialise it in a different place, was considered to be an average and ordinary gift and was used by everyone to move things, from building materials to picking a fruit from a tree and bringing it directly into your hand.

Living in a physical body the people could also feel emotions, which helped to ground them and they would call on the Violet Flame to transmute any negative feelings that developed, especially in relationships!

Because everything was open and transparent, all of nature was in harmony. There was no fear between humans and animals for no harm was ever considered.

The Great Crystal

High on a mountain peak above Atlantis stood the Temple of Poseidon, which could only be reached by levitation. In it was housed the Great Crystal, a vast quartz crystal of pure Source energy, which was the power generator for the whole of Atlantis. It was linked to a network of crystal pyramids, which created a grid of magnetic energy high above the planet. The pyramids acted like spiritual sub-stations and were antennae that sent signals throughout Atlantis to cells that needed to be powered. The modern equivalent is the system of mobile phone masts, but the current radiated in Golden Atlantis was totally pure. These crystals made up the material of the invisible dome over Atlantis and also formed an advanced power grid, similar to our electricity system today. It provided the fuel for transport, lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and anything else that was needed and was totally free and clean.

The people plugged in with crystals. If you lifted the bonnet of a transporter, you would find only a crystal!

The Great Crystal was like a mainframe computer. When the Intergalactic Council believed that the people were ready for another level of technology, they would telepathically programme the Great Crystal with new information, which was downloaded to individual temple crystals. The local Mage would go into deep trance and draw the information from the crystal. When he understood it, he would pass it on to the people to develop.

The Great Crystal acted in a way similar to our current internet system (with only high-frequency information). However, instead of downloading the information you wanted onto your computer via a keyboard, you asked your question, concentrated on the crystal and received the answer directly into your third eye. You could also access the Atlantis news in this way, free and it did not cost the Earth.

Crystal Technology

Their technology was awesome and still beyond our comprehension. They travelled in vast transports at incredible speeds that we can only dream about, built amazing constructs and used pyramid and crystal power in ways we haven’t started to think about. And yet they maintained their power and their spiritual connections by living simple, relaxed contemplative lives. They were enlightened people.


Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started 40 years ago with an angelic visitation and she has worked with Angels ever since.  She has written 33 books translated into 28 languages.

She has travelled world-wide sharing inspiration from the higher realms and now teaches regular on-line courses.  She founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not-for-profit organisation offering spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.

Diana Cooper