This is an exclusive opportunity to explore the ups and downs of one of Southern Europe’s hottest property markets from the comfort of your own home and gain realistic insights on all matters related to buying and owning property in Portugal.

What are the benefits of buying in Portugal? Could the Algarve be an affordable dream?

Gain direct access to expert guidance from seasoned professionals with a profound understanding of the Algarve property landscape.

Ideal Homes Portugal’s panel of speakers brings together financial, legal and lifestyle experts with combined decades of experience, crafting an invaluable masterclass on market and lifestyle trends, investment strategies, maximising rental income, and potential pitfalls.

Joining the conversation will be international property expert and Ideal Homes Portugal founder Chris White, renowned IHTV presenter John Baker-Malpas, and senior property consultant Sasha Sharpley, who along with the rest of the panel aim to help attendees:

  • Learn how to identify properties that fit their budget, location preferences, and rental potential;
  • Understand the Algarve's property market and trends to make informed investment decisions;
  • Explore strategies to generate year-round returns on investment;
  • Discover low- maintenance properties and reliable property management services to simplify ownership;
  • Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of buying property in the Algarve, from rental income potential and tax implications to lifestyle benefits and ongoing costs.

And ultimately, the webinar aims to help anyone interested in purchasing property in Portugal determine if an Algarve property is the right investment for their personal goals.

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During the webinar, Ideal Homes Portugal will also be showcasing an affordable property proposition, presenting the Algarve Racetrack Apartments, budget-friendly, managed rental apartments that strike a balance between personal use and rental income – in a unique location.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to learn about today’s Algarve property market.

Join Ideal Homes Portugal for an enriching webinar experience that promises to Unveil the Algarve in all its colours and find the right property for you.

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