The Program of the XXIV Constitutional Government was presented to the Assembly of the Republic, with one of the highlights being the “revocation of the wrong measures” of the Mais Habitação program.

“It is the Government's determination to revoke rules such as forced leasing, rent freezes (applying subsidies to vulnerable tenants), and measures penalising local accommodation such as the Extraordinary Contribution on Local Accommodation, the expiry of licenses prior to the Mais program Housing, and other legal limitations considered disproportionate”, reads the document.

But what about the golden visas for real estate investment that were scrapped by the previous government?

There is no direct reference in the Government of Montenegro's program to the return of golden visas, nor to the non-habitual resident regime (NHR) that ended at the beginning of 2024 after the approval of the State Budget for 2024.

António Leitão Amaro, Minister of the Presidency and vice-president of the PSD, in February during an interview with Jornal de Negócios, said that "going back or returning to the original terms of broad investment in real estate" of golden visas "does not make sense, because there was a cycle in which the effects were generated". But "there could and can be an improvement in the mechanisms to support market failures or the need to increase the supply of affordable rentals. It is a possibility to be analysed”.

The Government spokesperson admitted that they could improve the golden visa mechanisms – and perhaps even the NHR regime. But in the program which has now been presented, there are only two references to the granting of residence and real estate investment visas by non-residents:

In terms of migration, the Montenegro Executive will “consider changing the regime so that residence permits are based on previously concluded work contracts or through a work search visa;"

On the tourism side, the Government wants to “clarify the rules for real estate investment and investment attraction (residents and non-residents)", without specifying how.

Therefore, it is not clear whether there will be a return to golden visas for real estate investment.