The top breakers in the nation will participate in the ‘Red Bull BC One Cypher Portugal 2024’ national final at Hard Club venue in Porto. The emblematic venue will accommodate on Saturday, 13 April, the breakers who will attempt to win the national title and earn a spot in the ‘Red Bull BC One’ world final in Rio de Janeiro. There will be eight B-girls and 16 B-boys fighting in the Portuguese round of the most significant international breaking tournament.

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The event will open its doors at 5 pm, and the competition itself is scheduled to start at 6.30 pm. The national final, which is free for the public to enjoy, will be evaluated by the trio: B-boys’ Found Kid and Ronnie, and B-Girl Valentine. The national winners will then represent Portugal in the ‘Red Bull BC One' world final on 7 December 2024, at the Jeunesse Areba in Rio de Janeiro.

The national final will bring together the participants from the qualifying round held in Lisbon last month, together with a list of wildcards with credits signed in breaking. In the Open Qualifiers (the first part of the competition) held on 17 March, eight B-Boys and five B-Girls were selected. Together with the wildcards – eight B-Boys and three B-Girls - the 24 participants will fight for the one B-Boy spot and the one B-Girl spot.

Besides the national final, the MXM Art Centre in Porto will host two separate Breaking workshops organized by the judges Ronnie and Found Kid on 12 April, the day before the ‘Red Bull BC One Cypher Portugal’ national final. Ronnie’s workshop will take place at 3 pm, and Found Kid’s workshop at 4 pm. On 13 April, Max Oliveira will be the event’s host and the background music will be provided by DJ Godzi.

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‘Red Bull BC One’ has served as the premier worldwide platform for breaking, a unique type of urban dance, for the past 20 years. In last year’s competition, B-Boy Found Kid (Maia) and B-Girl Valéria (Aveiro) took home the desired trophies from the national ‘Red Bull BC One’ competition, whilst B-Girl Ami from Japan and B-Boy Hong10 from South Korea won the world titles.