The first European edition of the Tribeca film festival will take place from October 17th to 19th at the Beato Innovation District, in Lisbon, with national and international cinema sessions, a series of conversations and "immersive experiences", which will feature actor Robert De Niro, who is the co-creator of the event.

The Tribeca festival was founded in the United States by the iconic Taxi Driver actor, among others, and Jane Rosenthal in 2003 as a way of honouring the victims of the attack on the Twin Towers, on September 11, 2001. The event takes place annually in New York over two weeks.

Former WarnerMedia executive and current Opto consultant, Portuguese Tony Gonçalves, is responsible for "importing" of this event, according to DN.

Although the festival is shorter in Lisbon, the DNA of the event is the same. “The objectives are the same. It will be the first Tribeca festival in Europe, therefore smaller and concentrated in two or three days, explained Tony Gonçalves in conversation with DN, during the press conference.

The festival aims to showcase the work of Portuguese and international audiovisual professionals, creating an international community. “We are looking to see a sharing of experiences between different creators”, said Francisco Pedro Balsemão, CEO of Impresa.

“The idea is to share storytelling in all formats, whether it’s bringing American stories here to our country, or the other way around. We want to use this opportunity to showcase our creatives and our stories on an international stage”, said Tony Gonçalves.

The program will include Portuguese and international cinema sessions and a series of conversations with national and international names. The first confirmations include the festival's founders: Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal.

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins, known for directing Wonder Woman and Monster, will also be present, as will Whoopi Goldberg and actor and director Griffin Dunne.