The professional integration programme for migrants, Porto_4_All, which was introduced by the Porto municipality in 2021, has enabled the training of 84 migrants and the involvement of 66 networking and recruitment organisations throughout its three editions.

54 migrants, most of them from Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, and Ukraine were accepted into the third edition of the programme, which concluded in March 2024.

From the 54 migrants who were taking part in this year’s edition, the majority were women (57 percent) with an average age of 40 years old. Among the individuals who participated, 35 percent had been in Portugal for less than a year, 37 percent for one to two years, 24 percent for two to five years, and only 2 percent for over five years. The majority of migrants (77 percent) were looking for work when they signed up for the project, with 13 percent looking for their first job.

Education-wise, 50 percent of the attendees had a bachelor’s degree and 26 percent a master’s degree, whilst 15 percent had undertaken a technological course and 9 percent finished their secondary education. Six months after the project's initial launch, an impact evaluation revealed that "73 percent of migrant people were integrated into the labour market" and that 36 percent had been contacted by project-affiliated businesses, the municipality revealed.

According to Porto’s municipality, "The growing number of migrant people and companies registered in the Porto_4_All project allows us to validate the importance of the project, which is based on the creation of an integrated and collaborative strategy between different 'stakeholders', public and private, who have skills related to the socio-professional integration of migrant people". Porto City Council has told Lusa that it is planning to extend the project's lifetime and move forward with a new edition the following year.