Infrastructures of Portugal (IP) has authorised €5.5 million for the public tender to repair the inner face of the deck and pillars of the Arrábida Bridge, which connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia. The public tender, which has 17 May as the proposal’s submission deadline, expects the implementation works to be carried out across 540 days (around one and a half years).

As explained in the procedure notice this public tender weights the price at 80 percent and the quality at 20 percent. The quality weighting component is further subdivided into three parts: the work program weighting 60 percent, the description and justification report which is worth 30 percent, and the financial schedule which regards the last 10 percent.

Based on monthly weighted averages throughout the course of the year, the Mobility and Transport Institute (IMT) estimated that approximately 113 thousand cars were driven on Arrábida Bridge, on a daily average in 2023. Arrábida Bridge, which was inaugurated in 1963 and at that time was the bridge with the largest reinforced concrete arch in the world, was engineered by Edgar Cardoso, and in 2013 categorised as a National Monument.

According to a dispatch published in Diário de Notícias on 28 March, the IP approved the expenditure for this report, where €2.8 million will be allocated for this maintenance operation in 2025, and €2.7 million in 2026. However, the annual sum can "be added by the balance calculated in the previous year".