As the host of RTÉ's flagship Late Late Show, the 50-year-old used to be the network's top earner. He was contracted to return to the company, where his responsibilities included producing an RTÉ podcast.

Director-general Kevin Bakhurst, however, cancelled the plan after expressing his “great disappointment” with Tubridy's remarks on the dispute surrounding his pay.

In the issue, key RTÉ executives and board members, along with Tubridy's agent Noel Kelly, were summoned before several Oireachtas committees to look into a growing problem at the station.

Tubridy would ultimately opt not to return to RTÉ because “trust had broken down,” according to Mr. Bakhurst.

In January, Tubridy debuted his mid-morning programme on Virgin Radio in the UK. He subsequently called the RTÉ scandal “arguably the best thing that ever happened” for him.

He announced to his Virgin Radio listeners last week that he was “taking a few days off,” but he hinted that "big news" was on the way.

He disclosed on Thursday that the information concerned the debut of a new podcast, saying, “You guessed it, I have a podcast. You guessed it—it has to do with books.”

“Obviously, it had to be called The Bookshelf With Ryan Tubridy.”

On Tuesday, April 16th, the weekly podcast which is produced in collaboration with Eason bookstores releases its debut episode on podcast applications.

“The guest comes along with three books from their very own bookshelf: the book from their childhood, the book that made them cry, and the book that changed their life,” Tubridy said in an Instagram post outlining the podcast's premise.

“And as we speak, we discuss the people and their lives as seen through the lenses of these three exquisite, significant books.”

YouTube will now provide a video podcast of The Bookshelf With Ryan Tubridy.