The collection at the museum, which is perched atop Parnell Square North, will permanently house newer pieces.

Neil Jordan, a writer and director, has donated recently.

Visitors will be able to visit the more recent pieces among other noteworthy donations that date back to 1908 and this year.

One of the most notable recent additions to the gallery's collection is "Wall Landline Moor," a painting that was donated by the well-known artist Sean Scully.

It complements the exhibition of Richard Gorman's "Untitled," a collection of expansive pieces of custom-made Koso Washi Japanese paper provided by Neil Jordan and Robert Maharry.

A remarkable postmortem portrait of Brian Maguire's "Kathleen Clarke," the first female Lord Mayor of Dublin, is also on display.

Barbara Dawson, the director of Hugh Lane Gallery, stated that the gallery's responsibility is to guarantee that great pieces of art will be preserved and appreciated for many years to come.

All pertinent information is available on the gallery's website, and visitors are welcome to see the show for free.

The Hugh Lane Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dublin City Council, runs the Hugh Lane Gallery, an art museum.