According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), today the Algarve will be the region where it will feel the hottest, with thermometers reaching 30ºC. This will be the only area that will exceed the ‘twenties’. In Alentejo, temperatures should reach 28ºC, in the districts of Évora and Beja – a temperature that should also be felt in both the Castelo Branco and Setúbal regions.

In Santarém, a maximum of 27ºC should be recorded, and, on the continent, only Portalegre, Viseu, and Braga will be above 25ºC, with thermometers reaching 26ºC.

And the rest of the week?

But if the week starts with the biggest 'changes' compared to the last few days, it should stabilize in the next few days. While this Monday the wind will blow from the northern quadrant, in addition to the aforementioned drop in temperature there should be no significant fluctuations throughout the week, remaining, however, still above normal for the time of year.

"Thus, the maximum temperature will vary approximately between 16 and 30°C, occasionally reaching 31/32°C in the Central and Southern regions. The minimum temperature will vary approximately between 3 and 17°C", reads one note published by IPMA.

The generally dry weather is due, according to experts, to "the action of an anticyclone located south of Iceland and west of the British Isles, sometimes extending in a ridge to the Iberian Peninsula".

"The formation of some depression nuclei is expected in the southern region of the Peninsula, which could bring some precipitation to the Central and Southern regions of Mainland Portugal at the end of the week", reads the IPMA note.