In February 2024, the tourist accommodation sector registered 1.8 million guests (+7.0%) and 4.3 million overnight stays (+6.4%), generating 276.4 million euros in total revenue ( +13.0%) and 202.1 million euros in income from accommodation (+13.1%).

The average income per available room (RevPAR) stood at 37.8 euros (+4.5%) and the average income per occupied room (ADR) reached 83.8 euros (+6.0%). ADR reached the highest values in Greater Lisbon (107.8 euros) and RA Madeira (85.6 euros).

In February, the municipality of Lisbon accounted for 24.3% of total overnight stays (12.1% of total overnight stays from residents and 30.3% from non-residents). Among the municipalities with the highest representation in total overnight stays in February, Lisbon and Porto stood out, with growth of 8.3 and 10.5%, respectively.

In the accumulated period from January to February, overnight stays reached 7.7 million and registered a growth of 3.3% (+0.3% for residents and +4.9% for non-residents), corresponding to increases of 11. 2% in total income and 10.8% in accommodation, INE also notes.

Considering most accommodation facilities (tourist accommodation establishments, camping and holiday camps, and youth hostels), there were 1.8 million guests and 4.6 million overnight stays in February, corresponding to growth of 6.6 % and 5.8%, respectively. Overnight stays by residents increased by 2.7% and overnight stays by non-residents increased by 7.4%.