The party justifies the suppression of these flights with the “relatively short distances” between the three airports and the railway connections having “the same quality and speed”. In addition to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions caused by aviation.

This suggestion is part of a draft resolution that has already been delivered to the Assembly of the Republic by the BE parliamentary group to be discussed and voted on by deputies. Blockers Fabian Figueiredo, Joana Mortágua, Isabel Pires, José Soeiro, and Mariana Mortágua excluded flights with international origins or destinations or in autonomous regions from the recommendation.

The deputies therefore propose that the Assembly of the Republic recommends to the Government “the progressive and total replacement, by 2026, of domestic connections between the airports of Porto and Lisbon, and between the airports of Lisbon and Faro by reinforced, fast railway connections and affordable prices.” They also call for the “progressive and total replacement, by 2030, of domestic connections between Porto and Faro airports with reinforced, fast and affordable rail connections”.

BE considers that “the railway must be a priority and a reorganisation must begin to replace, reduce and finally ban air connections between these three airports”.