The works are to begin in June and include a complete transformation of the central canal street and the main entrance square.

The visual and architectural transformation of the two areas aims to continue the renovation carried out previously. There will be changes to the facades, a reduction in physical barriers for a greater visual range and circulation in the space, and an increase in green and rest areas.

“Our mission is to transform the centres we manage into unique and differentiated spaces, allowing us to provide shopping experiences that are completely different from existing ones”, states Jorge Pinto Fernandes, Portugal Business Director at VIA Outlets, adding that “since the first intervention, which was completed in 2017, we have already seen the entry of more than 30 new brands, as well as the remodelling and increase in the area of many existing stores, which demonstrates, alongside the brands' sales results, the trust that brands are placing in us.”

2023 saw a 13% increase in sales of the center's brands, as well as an 11% increase in the number of visitors, compared to the previous year. Tourism also recorded excellent growth, particularly non-European tourism, which was over 30% (Tax-Free). Visitors from Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, the United States, and China are at the top of nationalities.