The “Dublin Fields” Media Park, to be built at Grange Castle Business Park in County Dublin, will consist of six sound stage buildings with a total of eleven internal sound stages and auxiliary offices. The Dublin-based company Lens Media Ltd is requesting a ten-year planning clearance for this project.

Together with a TV studio and reception building that houses three TV studios, the plan also calls for the construction of four workshop buildings.

“Dublin Fields” will also have a two-story dining hall with an attached 100-seat theatre, as well as a reception area with VIP and visitor services.

Irish producer Alan Moloney, well known for Brooklyn and Siege of Jadotville, and Oscar-nominated American producer Gary Levinsohn of Saving Private Ryan support Lens Media.

According to a representative for Lens Media, Dublin Fields is “a full-service media park, over a 56-acre site in Grange Castle Business Park in South Dublin,” and an official planning application has been filed.

She stated: “Comprising 11 sound stages, three live audience studios, offices, workshop spaces, and ancillary supports in excess of 800,000 sq. ft., this planned facility will be unique on the island of Ireland in terms of its scale, spec, and location, and amongst the premier film, television and entertainment production facilities in Europe.”

“It will more than double the current soundstage offering in Ireland, acting as a catalyst for the indigenous screen industry and catering for growing unmet production needs," the spokesperson stated, subject to planning consent. When it's completely up and running, it will directly and indirectly support about 2,800 employment.”

“The suggested design will result in a low-carbon building with less need for operational inputs and better capacity to handle climate challenges,” the speaker stated. The entire campus will use sustainable practices. We are awaiting the planning process's conclusion.

The South Dublin City Council (SDCC) authorised the sale of 56 acres of park property three years ago in June 2021 in order to move forward with the ambitious plan. The project has been in the works for a number of years.

In order to build the studio, Lens Media first paid €26.4 million for 48 acres of land from SDCC in May 2020. A year later, they paid an extra €1.1 million for an additional eight acres.

In May 2022, the project became embroiled in a legal battle before the High Court when an injunction was obtained to stop Lens Media from moving forward with the land acquisition.

But in May of last year, the Commercial Court was informed that the land acquisition dispute had been settled. In May 2023, a fresh shareholder agreement was also concluded.

Considering the recent move by the government to raise the maximum on film budgets from €70 million to €125 million, the promoters will be looking to capitalise on Section 481 of Irish tax legislation, which allows firms financing film or TV projects to claim 32% of their budget as a tax credit.