The PSD/CDS-PP proposal also foresees the updating of the tourist tax for arrival by sea, from one euro to two euros, despite the value proposed to be updated only coming into force this year.

In a private meeting of the municipal executive, the PSD/CDS-PP proposal was approved with the abstention of PCP and the votes in favour of the remaining councillors, namely the proponents, PS, Livre, Cidadãos Por Lisboa (elected by the PS/Livre coalition) and BE, according to a local source.

The proposal will now be subject to “a 30-day public consultation period” to collect contributions, before coming into force.

The PSD/CDS-PP leadership suggested including campsites in the collection of the tourist tax, but the PS proposed the elimination of this measure, which was approved with PSD/CDS-PP and BE voting against.

BE argued that the tourist tax for arrival by sea should be four euros per passenger, but this proposal was also rejected, with PSD/CDS-PP, PS, and PCP voting against.

Following a proposal from Citizens for Lisbon (CPL), approved with PCP abstaining and PSD/CDS-PP voting against, the chamber included in the document the idea of reassessing the impact of tourist pressure on the calculation of general charges/public space in the city.

Fair for Lisbon

After the vote, in a written statement sent to the Lusa agency, the mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas (PSD), said that “increasing the tourist tax is, above all, very fair for the city and for Lisbon residents”, noting that this option will increase the quality of tourism and reinforce investments in fundamental areas, such as urban cleaning, mobility and interventions in terms of infrastructure and heritage.

“This option to increase the tourist tax results from the conclusion that tourism in Lisbon today needs to contribute more and better to the quality of life in our city. And thus also raise the quality of the tourist who comes to us”, stated the social democrat, noting that at all times the situation must be evaluated in light of the real scenarios that exist and the specific circumstances.

In May 2021, in an interview with TVI as a candidate for president of the Lisbon Chamber, at a time of economic recovery following the covid-19 pandemic, Carlos Moedas admitted reducing the tourist tax.

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