With the aim of contributing to the decarbonisation of the city, the project allowed the installation of 5,200 square meters of photovoltaic modules in 29 equipment, including 25 schools, the Municipal Police, the Barracks of the Sapadores Fire Brigade Regiment, Oficinas do Carvalhido and the municipal nursery.

The 5,200 square meters of installed photovoltaic panels are already producing energy, says the municipality, noting that these modules correspond to "three Ferreira Borges markets".

The investment made in educational establishments also aims to raise awareness among young people about sustainability and the importance of using renewable energy sources, with an initiative planned to be carried out in the 25 basic schools covered by Porto Solar.

"The purpose is to give children their first contact with renewable energy, in a simple and fun way", says the municipality, explaining that, at the entrance to each school, screens will be installed where it will be possible to observe, in real time, the energy consumption and production values of the respective institution.

In 2022, Porto City Council launched the "Porto Climate Pact", an initiative that aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, through the launch of several projects and actions in the most diverse areas, such as energy, urban rehabilitation and mobility. At the beginning of April, the initiative had 235 subscribers.