After joining RTÉ in 1985, Ms. Magnier was named regional correspondent for the northwest in July 1990, making history as the first female journalist for the station.

During this period, she has covered stories for all of RTÉ's major news shows on radio, television, and digital platforms from Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, and other locations.

She stated in a statement that she has “been delighted to work on some of the really positive things that have been going on in the northwest region and beyond" and that the position has given her a "front-row seat to every big story that has happened.”

She continued, saying that she “hopefully and respectfully reported on a huge amount of tragedy” throughout this period.

“I am very proud to have been part of the RTÉ News team around the country,” she stated, highlighting the special and significant nature of the work done by regional correspondents.

“It can be a tough job, emotionally draining, physically exhausting but also hugely satisfying, and as a team, I know we all do our best to represent the people of the areas we cover in the true spirit of public service broadcasting.”

Two John Healy Awards, a Community Games Association Award, an AT Cross Woman Journalist of the Year Award, and two Justice Media Awards are among the honours awarded for her journalism.

Kilkenny native Eileen Magnier earned a degree in politics and history from University College Dublin.

She attended Dublin City University to pursue a post-graduate degree in journalism. She received her MA in Family History from the University of Limerick in January 2012.

Hayley, Dylan, and Evanne Kilgallon are her three adult children from her marriage to former Mayo football player TJ Kilgallon.

In May, Eileen will conclude her on-air reporting.