The show Rockin'1000 – The Biggest Rock Band in the World, will bring together a total of 1,000 amateur and professional musicians from various nationalities on a global scale - 200 drummers, 300 guitarists, 200 bassists, 50 keyboardists, and 250 singers - who, for two hours, will perform international rock classics including Portuguese rock.

“This project is, perhaps, the biggest challenge that we have decided to embrace to date. We have been following the success of Rockin'1000 over the years, seeing how impactful the show is for the 1,000 musicians, but, above all, for the public”, declared Tiago Castelo Branco, executive director of MOT promoters.

Take part

The international community of musicians that gathers around Rockin'1000 currently numbers around 80,000 people and the entire process of recruitment, logistics and relationships with participants in future concerts is carried out through free registration online at

There will then be a specific day for registrations (the so-called 'click day', which in Leiria is scheduled for May 15th), where those registered in the database can register to be present at the Portuguese concert.

Candidates, who travel at their own expense and act voluntarily, will then have a month, until June 15, to confirm or cancel their participation. It is normal for there to be waiting lists of hundreds or even thousands of musicians.