Born on November 30th, 1944, in Portsmouth to Albert Dodd (Val) and Vera Dodd ne Sheperd, Jenny's early years were marked by adventure as her family relocated to Malta when she was just four years old. It was these early experiences in Malta that probably led her to develop such a deep affinity for the Algarve where she lived for nearly 60 years.

Jenny's passion for performance led her to attend stage school in London. By the age of 17, she was captivating audiences across England, even lending her voice as a backing singer for a young Sir Cliff Richard. In 1964, she found herself among the cast of the West End musical "Robert and Elizabeth," where she met and later married the composer, Ron Grainer.

Settling in Albufeira with Ron and their son Damian in 1968, Jenny's creative talents flourished as she designed and decorated two farmhouse properties near Branquieira. Her knack for interior design led her to undertake numerous private commissions in the region and eventually to develop and sell her own properties.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jenny was deeply involved in the expatriate community, generously sharing her skills as a Cranks-trained vegetarian cook. Following her separation from Ron in 1975, Jenny remained in the Algarve, marrying architect Rudolf Wehr and welcoming two more children, Sophie and Richard Wehr.

An entrepreneur at heart, Jenny established several successful ventures, including the first swordfish smoking business in Albufeira in 1979. Her love for singing was evident throughout her life, and she fearlessly marched to the beat of her own drum.

Relocating to Ferragudo in 1982, Jenny began writing for various magazines and became a regular contributor to the Portugal News. She also authored several books, including the acclaimed "Portugal And the Algarve, Now and Then."

Jenny's philanthropic spirit shone brightly as she dedicated herself to fundraising for numerous charities and causes, notably benefiting the Bombeiros Voluntarios de Portimão and various orphanages in the region. For over two decades, her captivating variety shows were a highlight of the Algarve's cultural scene.

In the early 1990s, Jenny found love once more with the late Gordon Ackerman. Their marriage brought her immense joy, and together they were active members of the church and expatriate community. Jenny was profoundly affected by Gordon's unexpected passing in 2015.

Jenny's legacy transcends her professional achievements. She was a beacon of warmth and compassion, always ready to offer solace and support to those in need. Her presence touched the lives of many, and her memory will continue to inspire.

A celebration of Jenny's remarkable life in the Algarve will be held...

Damian, Richard, and Sophie