At a Commissioning Ceremony held this afternoon in Pearse Barracks at the Curragh Camp in Co Kildare, the cadets formally became new officers.

November 2, 2022 marked the start of their path to becoming military officers for the 99 Cadet Class.

Following 17 months of rigorous preparation, which culminated in today's event, they will advance to assume junior leadership positions.

Tánaiste and Minister of Defence Micheál Martin presented scrolls and commissioning certificates to ten female and thirty-two male officers.

The Tánaiste acknowledged the class's great adaptability as they prepared to enter the Defence Forces in a variety of fields and organisational roles, such as engineering and aviation.

A representative for the army stated today that the 42 new officers in the class are typical of the yearly intake.

All things considered, the Defence Forces require more recruits because the expected number of new recruits is insufficient to offset the outgoing personnel.

In response to a question on what the government is doing to help military personnel meet recruitment goals, the Tánaiste stated that in addition to giving enormous resources, they are also enhancing the lives of people who choose to join the Defence Forces.

One area he emphasised was "the extension of free medical care, private health care for all enlisted personnel."

In order to boost the appeal of a military career, he added, greater allowances are being given.

"An increase in the expansion of allowances in terms of the patrol duty allowance in terms of naval services, in terms of army ranger allowances in the last week," the minister stated.

He also mentioned recent wage rises.

"Over the last two to three years, a fundamental significant increase in starting pay and conditions which would be above most other careers within the public service generally in terms of starting pay and conditions, which is important given the type of unique characteristics of life in our Defence Force."