The 33-year-old Wrexham player disclosed his autism diagnosis to the public last year.

Along with his wife Erin and their autistic six-year-old daughter Willow-Ivy, he attended the event.

McClean met children autistic football fans from the charity's Family Support Programme at the Dylan Hotel in Dublin, where they were hosted by the autism charity AsIAm.

Inspired by his daughter Willow-Ivy, McClean recently received a diagnosis of autism. He stressed the need to spread awareness about neurodiversity and said that receiving a diagnosis is not a sign of guilt.

AsIAm CEO Adam Harris made the following statement during the event: "James McClean is a fantastic role model for young autistic people." His candour regarding his daughter's and his own autism diagnoses encourages others to accept who they are without worrying about criticism.

AsIAm is commemorating its tenth anniversary this year, therefore his support is quite valuable.

"We are committed to creating a more welcoming society, and it is essential to our mission that advocates such as James promote awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity."