“Previous expectations” for the event were exceeded, according to Visit Algarve.

Direct revenue from this Moto GP event exceeded 24.7 million euros in the hotel sector, combined with the 21.3 million euros spent by spectators and the 3.5 million euros spent by the organisation and participants. The food and beverage sector raised 9.4 million euros from the event.

According to the same estimates, rent-a-cars reached three million euros in rentals to spectators and members of the organization's structures and Moto GP teams, while air tickets to Gago Coutinho Airport represented more than two million euros.

“Holding the Moto GP at the Autódromo do Algarve, the only structure in Portugal accredited for the world's biggest speed races, translates into an extraordinary gain for the region's visibility and for the prosperity of its economy outside of the high season. The benefits extend to the entire country, not only due to the revenue collected by the central State coffers, namely through taxation, but also due to the increased notoriety it brings to the Portugal brand”, says André Gomes, president of Turismo do Algarve, in a press release.

The same document states that “in the same way that the Web Summit and World Youth Day conveyed the image of a safe, welcoming and prepared country for major events, the Portuguese edition of the Moto GP also raises the country's prestige among tourists and organisers of major events”.