Belmonte City Council wants to renovate four museums – the Museum of Discoveries, Belmonte’s Castle, the Ecomuseum of Zêzere, and the Olive Oil Museum - in an investment which will cost €850 thousand, António Dias Rocha, the municipality’s president has said. According to the mayor, the processes which are expected to be completed by May, will be followed by submissions for community funding.

António Rocha estimates that the restoration of the Castle's museum structure will require an investment of €150 thousand, the work at the Museum of Discoveries will cost about €400 thousand, and the light intervention at the Museum of Olive Oil will cost about €50 thousand. Regarding the application for the Ecomuseum of Zêzere, it is estimated to cost about €250 thousand. The projects are scheduled following the already concluded redesign of the Jewish Museum of Belmonte and aim to bring people to visit and revisit the museums.

With 109 thousand entries, the town's museums saw a 28 percent increase in visitors in 2023 over the previous year. At the same time, in the first four months of this year, 21 thousand people, mostly from Brazil, Spain and the United States of America have also already visited the seven museums in Belmonte. As mentioned by António Dias Rocha, the intention is to reach pre-pandemic levels, as in 2019 when 139 thousand visitors visited Belmonte’s museums.

According to the president, “We also need more beds, efforts must be made to try to mobilize businesspeople who want to believe in the potential of our municipality and come to invest, providing new conditions, from land to improving the non-payment of some of the municipal taxes that we have”. The mayor also wants to double up the time tourists stay in town from one and a half days to three days, given the significance of tourism to the community.