According to data from the Bank of Portugal, Portuguese people working abroad sent 330.06 million euros in February, which represents an increase of 0.52% compared to the 328.34 million euros sent in February last year.

Conversely, foreigners working in Portugal sent 47.16 million euros to their countries, which corresponds to an increase of 6.53% compared to the 44.27 million euros sent in the same month of 2023.

In accumulated terms, that is, combining January and February, Portuguese emigrants have already sent 682.3 million euros, 0.6% more than the 677 million sent in the first two months of 2023.

Looking at remittances from Portuguese people working in Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP), there is an increase of 5.14%, which represents the difference between the 24.88 million sent in February last year and the 26 .16 million euros remitted by Portuguese workers in these countries.

As usual, Angola represents the majority of these values, registering an increase of 7.28%, from 23.89 million in February last year, to 25.63 million in February 2024.