The municipal budget, approved at a council meeting, will finance the associations that already ensured the operation of the Municipal Emergency Reception Center (CAEM), which since March 28 has been operating in the former Military Maintenance facilities, in the parish of Beato, announced the CML in a statement.

According to the municipality, the Vitae association will receive €720,000 to cover the costs of managing the space, the Ares do Pinhal association was allocated €350,000 to ensure integrated and specialized responses in the field of health and the Crescer na Maior association will have €190,000 for food.

The president of the CML, quoted in the municipality's note, highlighted that the problem of homeless people “is serious” and “needs stronger responses from everyone”.

Lisbon municipality plans to invest 70 million euros by 2030, through the Municipal Plan for Homeless People, with concrete measures on five fronts of intervention: prevention, intervention, accommodation, social inclusion, and knowledge and communication, highlighted the mayor.

“But we also have to be aware that this is a never-ending work, which cannot be based and dependent exclusively on the will and support of local authorities. The Central State must provide concrete answers and assume its responsibilities”, added Carlos Moedas.

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