Simão Silva, Letícia Correia, and Inês Andrade are three students, who, together with Portuguese teacher Carla Santos Pousa, created “Abrace a Diversidade”, after an oral expression work presented during a class. As an assessment element, students should make a presentation about a cause with which they identify. Thus, “Simão, because he has a motor disability, decided to choose the cause of the fight against ableism”. Following the presentation of the work, the responsible teacher “felt touched”, as described to The Portugal News, having challenged the students to create the project that could serve as “a cause that goes beyond Simão and includes all of our society."

In addition to Professor Carla Pousa's suggestion, the students revealed to The Portugal News that the need to create the project arose because ableism “is a topic little discussed, analysed and even unknown by the majority of the population, who have no idea of reality and difficulties that people with disabilities face daily.” Therefore, among the various objectives of “Abrace a Diversidade” is the desire to “erase existing barriers and develop a society with equal opportunities and conditions for all of us, whether we have a disability or not.”

For the group, “diversity is something that deserves everyone's attention and respect and for this, it is necessary to take actions such as being open to constructive dialogue on issues related to diversity.” As such, various awareness-raising works are carried out, such as education, through actions carried out in schools, such as lectures, or even with a simple online publication, always with the aim of “creating a more inclusive and diverse environment.”

“Abrace a Diversidade” is a project that aims to “make society and the world a respectful space”, which can healthily welcome all human beings “regardless of their differences or limitations”, where it is for everyone, anyone feels good and happy to be in the world.


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Bruno G. Santos